Tikologo Volunteer Programme

Tikologo is looking for enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers who are ready to offer up their time and energy to a permaculture demonstration site which aspires to create a more abundant and healthy future.

We offer a unique experience for you to gain practical permaculture skills while you contribute to the development of Tikologo. If you are a keen learner and hard worker your time spent on the site could be full of learning, joy and a sense of beneficial contribution.

Tikologo is in a beautiful location and offers volunteers the much needed opportunity to reconnect with nature while engaging with the various systems which have already been integrated into the property. Some of these include food gardens, a growing herb garden, a nursery, a small permaculture orchard, various water harvesting implementations, a natural swimming pool as well as a chicken run and cattle system.

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Please read our VOLUNTEER INFORMATION before applying.

What to Expect

Volunteering at Tikologo will be hard work and sometimes challenging but at the same time very stimulating and rewarding. Tikologo is developing towards being a working farm as well as a permaculture demonstration and training centre.

Volunteers will be integrated into the running and development of the permaculture site as a team member experiencing and working on whatever processes or projects are running at the time.

On-going and future projects include:

  • Zone 1 food gardens
  • Zone 2 medicinal herb garden
  • Food Forest establishment
  • Composting
  • Ferrous cement tank construction
  • Plant propagation
  • Animal system integration and management
  • Nursery operations
  • Apiary implementation
  • Eco-pool construction and implementation
  • Rain water harvesting implementation
  • Grey water systems implementation
  • Swale and berm cultivation
  • Harvesting and processing of food and herbs
  • Building renovation and housekeeping

What we Expect

At Tikologo we work quite hard but the work can be social and very rewarding. We offer an opportunity to live permaculture and learn while getting your hands dirty. Please note that we expect a minimum 1 month stay from volunteers. We have found that this is the most beneficial time frame for students and volunteers to gain good experience.

Working hours are generally from 8:00am – 13:00pm (including a tea break at 10:30am) Monday to Friday but do depend on the time of year and current projects.

At Tikologo we require a contribution towards food and accommodation during your stay. All costs can be found in the supporting VOLUNTEER INFORMATION. Tikologo does not profit off of the good intentions of volunteers who kindly contribute their time and energy but currently we cannot afford to accommodate volunteers for free and would rather not abandon the programme.

What we Provide

While volunteering with us the Tara Rokpa Centre will provide all your meals and you will be accommodated in the Tikologo training centre (a shared farm house which has recently been renovated).

How to Apply

Please read our VOLUNTEER INFORMATION before filling out your application. Once you have done so please continue to the link below: