Pic of the Week #20


Say hi to our new little friends, 2 baby goslings. They were a gift that we happily received last weekend. Here they are exploring their new surroundings and making themselves right at home.

This week saw the completion of our herb garden prep with the drip lines being installed and switched on for the first watering. It is always a very satisfying feeling when the drippers whistle for the first time and the drops start hitting the bone dry soil. The amazing transformation has begun. Before installing the drip lines we composted the beds with the 18 day compost that we made about 1.5 months ago. Not quite 18 days this time around but we ended up with a great product which will most certainly jump start the soil biology and help to create a beautiful life-rich soil for our herbs.

We also managed to finish the shade structure for our kitchen garden today which happened just in time as the days are already heating up and it’s almost time to get the first crops into the beds.

In case you haven’t seen we have posted more details about our upcoming Homegrown Happiness course in September so go check that out. Do come and join us for a fun long weekend learning how to grow your very own organic and nutrient rich food. If that prospect doesn’t get you excited then I’m not sure why I am sending you these emails? 😉

Have a lovely weekend and keep an eye out on our Instagram or Facebook page for a couple more photos of the week’s happenings.

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