Pic of the Week #19

Tikologo launches new herbal range.

We are really excited to be launching our 2017 spring herbal product range this week. The above pic is of our newly stocked shelf in the Tikologo Training Centre and some close ups of a few products. Here we feature a lovely Chamomile Tea, beautiful Rosemary & Lemon Salt as well as a healing Comfrey & Tea Tree salve.

Tikologo is developing towards becoming an all-natural Permaculture herb farm and we are currently working hard to get our new herb garden ready for spring establishment. All of the above products contain some ingredients grown on site and as we develop more and more of the products will be 100% locally produced.

The new herb garden will be home to about 50 different medicinal herb species all of which will be used to produce wonderful organically grown herbal teas and assorted health products. I must also take this opportunity to thank Ride4Rinpoche and ROKPA who have made this project possible through their kind donations.

All of our products are available for order and delivered via Postnet. We are still working on a product page for our website but if you would like to order something in the meantime please drop us a mail growingtikologo[at]gmail.com and place your order.

Currently available products include:

  • Comfrey & Tea Tree Salve with Raw Local Beeswax (65ml) – R140.00
  • Calendula & Chamomile Salve with Raw Local Beeswax (65ml) – R140.00
  • Rosemary & Lemon Salt (50ml grinder) – R45.00
  • Basil Infused Oil (125ml) – R40.00
  • As well as a number of Loose Leaf Teas (250ml glass jars): – R60.00
    • Chamomile
    • Lemon Balm
    • Peppermint
    • Lavender
    • Calendula
    • Rosemary
    • Lemongrass (200ml)

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