Pic of the Week #17

A gift for our loyal supporters.

As a thank you to all our lovely Pic of the Week subscribers we are giving you a 10% discount on your Spring Effective Microorganisms (EM) box.

We brew EM at the project site mainly for personal and on site use but we have found it so beneficial that we decided that we had to start making more so that we could share it with people. Thus we created the seasonal EM box scheme which has been running since the start of the year.

Effective Microorganism or EM for short is exactly what the name says; a brew of beneficial microbes specifically formulated to act as a microbial inoculant or probiotic. Microbes are the basic building blocks of all life and so play an integral role in the creation of a healthy eco-system. EM can help our internal eco-system (gut health) or external eco-systems such as water systems or soil systems and out here we use it for all of the above. We drink EM, we add it to our compost heaps, we put it in our animal’s water troughs, we water our garden with it and even put it down our bathroom and kitchen drains.

So if you would like to give our EM a try please head on over to the order form HERE and place your order. Don’t forget to enter your promotional code: PIC OF THE WEEK to claim your 10% discount which is only valid until 31 July.

Buying Tikologo EM is a great way to support the project as 100% of the proceeds from EM sales go directly into the further development of Tikologo.

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