Pic of the Week #16

Super-fast composting.

The past week has been another busy one with activities taking place all over the property. Work is continuing steadily at the earth building site, the cows are happily munching away at the firebreak, some kamikaze style tree fellers were brought in to help us with invasive alien tree removal and yesterday saw the installation of a sunken cold frame so that we can get our seedling going nice and early this season. We also welcomed Dean to the Tikologo team as a long term volunteer and spared no time taking advantage of the extra hands to get our compost heaps going.

This week’s pic shows Thabo working hard at building his second Berkley 18 day compost pile. The Berkley composting system was developed by Berkley University and is a hot composting technique which produces very fast results. The technique involves compiling a pile of organic materials, adding water and then turning the heap. That is of course a huge over simplification but unfortunately due to time constraints I cannot go through the whole process in this week’s installment. However there are many great resources online which explain the process very effectively so check out the links below for some more info.

18 Day Composting Info:




Composting is a very simple but absolutely critical component of any sustainable soil fertility strategy so definitely give it a try and If you have any questions please do get in touch through the comments section below and we will do our best to offer whatever support you need.

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