Pic of the Week #15

Sneak Peak.

The winters out here get mighty cold which means that our planting and other outside activity slows down a bit. However the cooler season does give us an opportunity to spend time on other necessities like infrastructure development, prep for summer planting and also some maintenance.

This winter we have spent time giving our training centre some much needed love. We have upgraded and kitted out our kitchen, the lounge/teaching room has a whole new cozy vibe, we have done up the bedrooms and given the whole interior a lick of paint. It really helps to have an in-house interior designer (Megan) whose keen eye for space creation has hugely benefited the centre. We are thrilled with the transformation and can’t wait for our casual visitors, course participants and volunteers to come and enjoy the space.

Speaking of courses, we will be publishing our program for the remainder of the year soon so keep an eye out for that.

Hope to see you soon,

Coen and the Tikologo Team

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