Pic of the Week #14

Learning Curves and Patience

The above shot is of a beautiful healthy Broccoli plant in our home garden. It may seem pretty insignificant but in 5 years of vegetable gardening a home grown Broccoli harvest has always eluded us for various reasons. I hope that I am not jumping the gun on this one but it seems that this may just be our year. Learning a new skill is always going to be challenging and not having any kind of cultivation background has really made this agricultural venture a difficult one. However I do believe that perseverance and patience is the key here. If one is open to learning and making mistakes along the way there is really very little else to do. Often this is easier said than done but fortunately there will be small victories along the way which always help to keep the motivation and energy going. This specific small victory will be celebrated with a delicious homegrown broccoli meal.

If you have a favorite Broccoli recipe for us to try please do share it in the comments section below

Here is something you may not know; Broccoli leaves are just as edible and delicious as the Broccoli flower. This is a little known fact applicable to many different vegetables which are often only planted for a specific harvest. We love plants like this because it means an extended harvest period and more functions per element. #thatspermaculture

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