Pic of the Week #10

Stop being dumb!

We are back at the project site after a much needed break but unfortunately trips back into so called civilisation always seem to bring attention to issues which are long forgotten once removed from their constant influence. Due to having been reminded of one such occurrence this week we are making a plea to all of the city folk out there.

There is a phenomenon which occurs in the city, especially the suburbs, around this time of year and its craziness never ceases to amaze. Every autumn brings with it the inevitable downpour of leaves from the sky which essentially is a wonderful expression of impermanence in nature and something which is totally unavoidable but also beautiful and necessary in its own right.

Unfortunately in many cases this yearly event seems to initiate a collective state of frenetic panic, a call to arms and a subsequent battle which lasts for weeks if not months.  The soldiers are gardeners sent to the front lines by their employee generals; the weapons of choice come in the form of rakes, brooms, black bags and in the worst case fossil fuel powered blowers. This mad army, driven by its unconscious faith in man’s victory over nature, strives long and hard for the elusive trophy – an immaculate, green, spotless and terribly unproductive patch of lawn.

This season please ask yourself, ‘is it worth it?’ Unfortunately I am going to ruin the contemplative process for you with a rather blunt. NO! Instead of being led blindly to war just think of all the compost you could make with those leaves, the beds you could mulch and hence moisture you could retain. Not to mention the cash saved due to not having to cart in purchased compost next spring. So I ask you to please, even if it’s just this once, go sit in your garden and experience the gift of a beautiful blanket of seasonal hues, let those leaves blow around in the wind, cover your lawn and your beds, decompose and finally return to the soil as nature has intended all along.

May your gardens be covered in litter (of the leafy kind)

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