Basil Infused Oils

Basil is one of the most versatile herbs and can give you big yields in sunny summer weather. Making Basil infused oil allows you to preserve the fresh basil leaves and impart the flavour of Basil into your salad dressings, marinades and sauces. (Plus it make a great gift!)

There are two methods for making Basil infused oil that are simple and easy to make at home. The hot method utilizes low heat to infuse the herbs and the cold method uses time and sunlight. Both are effective, but the hot method makes the flavour more intense sooner.

Here is a recipe for Basil infused oil using the hot method:

– harvest fresh basil, stalks with leaves, early in the morning

– wash thoroughly and remove discoloured leaves

– shake to remove excess water and tie basil stalks into small bunches

– hang to dry and wilt in well ventilated space for 12 hrs

– after drying, remove leaves from stalks and chop roughly, or pulse in blender, to release flavour oils

– add 100g basil leaves to saucepan and cover with 200ml olive oil (1 part leaves: 2 parts oil)

– slowly bring oil to simmer for 10mins then switch off heat and cover with lid

– allow basil oil to steep until cooled to room temperature

– strain directly into jar and cap tightly

– enjoy your home-grown and handmade Basil infused oil

If you have tried any other recipes or ways to preserve your Basil please let us know in the comments below.

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