Pic of the Week #4

A little lightheartedness.

The world can sometimes seem a very dark and doomed place but fortunately there are many people around the globe who refuse to give in to the negativity and rather chose to be custodians of hope. Bill Mollison and David Holmngren, the fathers of the permaculture movement, are two such people. They formulated the concept and philosophy of permaculture in direct response to the negativity that they perceived in the world around them and today have enabled hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people to move away from negativity and into a positive mode of action.

It is in the spirit of hope and positive action that we are offering a very playful event over the upcoming Easter long weekend. The Play and Permaculture Easter Camp will be a fun filled family weekend of learning about permaculture and reconnecting with our inner desire to play. The course will be hosted by the wonderfully playful Anthea Moys and resident permie Coen Meintjes who will lead you on a joyful learning adventure.


Head on over to the Playful Permaculture event page for more info and to book your spot. This weekend is going to be great for the whole family!

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