Pic of the Week #2



Tikologo home garden before and in progress.

The above photos of our home garden were taken from the roof of our house. This is a zone 1 garden right at our backdoor. These spaces generally house the most diversity and also require the most energy inputs. Although this little garden is still very much a work in progress it’s wonderful to already be able to see a positive change in the landscape. The before photo was taken 27 September 2015 and the after on 9 February 2017 less than 18 months later. I can’t help but dream about what it and the rest of the site might look like a few more years down the line.

We live in a world accustomed to quick fixes and instant gratification, two concepts that nature does not adhere to. Fortunately for new permaculture enthusiasts like us there are pioneers out there who have put in the hard work and practiced the necessary patience and can today inspire us with some beautiful examples of what working in harmony with nature might look like. Check out this link on the Permaculture Research Institute website to see for yourself – Hope for a New Era: Before/After Examples of Permaculture Earth Restoration

photo credit: coen meintjes

2 thoughts on “Pic of the Week #2

  1. This is amazing! I haven’t been able to visit TRC in such a long time, it’s so wonderful to see this progress. Thank you for sharing


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